Prayer is the first act of worship prior to the Shahadah. It is what distinguishes us from other religions. Prayer is…



Zakah Service

The United Islamic Center of Arizona supports the local community by collecting and disbursing Zakah to in-need Muslim community members.



 New Start (New Muslim)

Interested in learning about Islam? Are you a recent revert?



Daily Halaqa

The literal meaning of Halaqa is ‘a circle’. It is a study circle or simply a religious gathering wherein one studies the Qur’an ,the Hadith and other religious sciences,



Marriage (Nikkah) Service

Marriage (Nikkah) Services Schedule a Nikkah Please click here to download the form and email or drop if off in person at the UICA Office. You can obtain a marriage license from the …



Funeral Service

UICA stands by to serve our community in times of grief. Through our partnership with ICC, where we have a Muslim burial section, and  we offer complete supervision of the …