Rules of Conduct

United Islamic Center of Arizona

Rules of Conduct

1. **Cleanliness: ** Perform ablution (wudu) before entering the mosque to ensure cleanliness and spiritual readiness. The bad odor will disturb the worshipers and is discouraged in Islam.

2. **Supplication upon entering: ** Enter the Mosque with your right foot and supplicate, “O Allah, open for me the
doors of Your mercy.”

اللهَّمُ افتْحَ ليِ أبَوْ اَب رحَمْتَكَِ

3. **Respectful Attire: ** Wear modest and clean clothing. Ensure that the Awrah is covered, and avoid clothing with
inappropriate or distracting images.

4. **Leading the Prayers and Adhan: ** “Don’t volunteer to lead the congregational prayer or call the Adhan without
permission from the Imam or board of the mosque.

5. **Removal of Shoes: ** Take off shoes before entering the prayer area and place them in the shoe rack.

6. **Silence during Services: ** Maintain a quiet atmosphere during prayer times and lectures. Refrain from
unnecessary conversations or disruptions.

7. **Mobile Phones: ** Turn off or switch to silent mode to prevent disturbances during prayers and religious activities.

8. **Respect for the Quran: ** Treat the Quran with reverence. Avoid placing other items on top of it, and handle it with clean hands.

9. **Respect of Genders: ** Follow the designated prayer areas according to one’s gender upon the entrance and exit
of the mosque.

10. **Timeliness: ** Arrive on time for prayers and events. Always fill the spaces in the front rows.

11. **Respecting Prayer Rows: ** Join prayer lines without creating gaps and maintain straight rows during
congregational prayers. The prayer row starts from the middle and expands equally through the sides.

12. **Follow the Imam: ** Observe the lead of the imam and show respect for their role.

13. **Educational Programs: ** Participate in mosque-related events, educational programs, and community activities to foster a sense of unity and knowledge-sharing.

14. **Hospitality: ** Extend hospitality to fellow worshipers and guests. Greet others with a smile and offer assistance when needed.

15. **Children’s Behavior: ** Supervise children to ensure they do not disturb others during prayer or activities.

16. **Property Cleanliness: ** Dispose of trash properly and maintain cleanliness in the mosque premises.

17. **Respect for Others: ** Treat fellow worshipers with kindness and respect. Loud voices and ill-treatment in the
mosque and its premises are strictly prohibited.

18. **Learning and Understanding: ** Seek knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings to enhance spiritual

19. **Exiting the Mosque: ** Exit the mosque with your left foot and say: “O Allah, I ask for your favour.”

اللهَّمُ إنِيِّ أسَأْلَكُ منِ فضَلْكَِ

20. **Sign-up: ** To receive continuous updates from our administration regarding events, prayer times, etc. please send a request by texting (602) 565-1538. You will be enrolled UICA WhatsApp group. Also, check our website, and like our YouTube and Facebook pages by searching for United Islamic Center of Arizona. Our center has multiple committees including sisters, youth, outreach (da’wah), events, financials, volunteers, converts, and maintenance. If you would like to be a member of any of the committees, please text the above number.

21. **Membership: ** We encourage you to be a member of UICA by filling out the membership form and making the monthly or yearly membership payments. Please, contact (602) 565-1538 to sign up.

22. **Charitable Contributions: ** Contribute voluntarily to mosque funds and donation boxes to support community activities and maintenance. You can donate by going to our website, or by using the monitors mounted on the walls inside the mosque, or through Zelle making payments to

The following is the QR Code for Zelle:


Download Rules of Condunt (pdf)