UICA Youth Committee held a career panel event

Alhamdulillah this past Friday night our UICA Youth Committee held a career panel event about the Intersection of Faith and Profession.

The introduction was led by Imam Didmar reminding the attendees of the importance of hard work. Three guest speakers Dr. Rimah Shareif, Raees Mohamed, and Tarteel Alimam were all invited to give their insights to the youth about how you can balance being a proud Muslim in the workplace.

They all gave the youth meaningful advice/lessons on how to thrive in the professional world while never forgetting to stay humble and grateful to Allah SWT. The discussion ended with a very informative Q&A session.

UICA’s Youth Committee is looking forward to hosting a variety of new events this upcoming year and hopes to see more of our youth connect with the masjid as they attend. Please follow our pages on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure you and your children are present in our WhatsApp chats to stay tuned for our future events.