A hard work paid well off

A hard work paid well offAlma Tabaku, one of the students of Greenway Academy has been showing a great enthusiasm and devotion towards perfecting her reading of the book of God, the Quran.

Over two years ago, after mastering the rules of Tajwīd and attaining an excellent pronunciation of the Arabic letters and their attributes (makhārij Al-Hurūf wa Al-sifāt)  she was ready to start her reading (tilāwah) of the Quran with the intention of receiving an Ijāzah (full competency in reading and authorization to teach it to others) from Mufti Didmar Faja.

The ijāzah she began to work on entails two different readings of the Quran; that of classical Imam Hafs who narrated from Imam Āsim and that of Imam Shu’bah who also narrated from Imam Āsim (may Allah show mercy upon all of them). As Alma began this blessed path of knowledge, she focused on learning about the lives of the above mentioned classical imams and then later became familiar with the differences between the two different readings.

The Almighty God, with His grace enabled her to successfully complete the reading of the entire Quran and receive an ijāzah from Mufti Didmar in the presence of two other witnesses who also attained ijāzahs and memorized the entire Quran years ago; Hafiz Abdul Malik Muhammed and Hafiz Shadi Al Masri.

May God enlighten Alma’s heart and mind with the teachings of the Quran and make her a good follower of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). UICA and the family of Alma prepared her ijazah ceremony at the United Islamic Center of Arizona on July 21, 2023.