UICA, a place of learning for Islamic studies and learning personal development skills

UICA has always been a place of learning not only for Islamic studies but also for learning personal development skills.

This includes public speaking, a course directed by Imam Didmar Faja. The course lasted for 4 months, consisting of intense hard work. This was through presentations, persuasive speeches and completion of the book “Mastering public speaking”.

The graduation took place in the UICA mosque on March 3,2023.

Imam Didmar Faja not only taught the importance of public speaking from Islamic perspective but also taught the power of words and how to convey the meaningful messages in a speech. He provided a solid foundation to convey the importance of speech; this includes gathering, organizing, and presenting information as well as motivating, inspiring and instilling the ideas and beliefs.

In this workshop, we focused on working together to boost our confidence. Each student prepared a handful of lessons to present to the class and also gave speeches based on their unique stories/ situations and creativity.

Our wonderful atmosphere allowed us to grow and improve. We always had support and positive feedback alongside constructive criticism. These factors made the experience so successful. Throughout the progression of the course, we saw nothing but improvement.

We realized how incredible the results were in our career, social life, personal development, and for making a change in the world.

Zeba Ahmed
(UICA student)