“ To Post or Not to Post” UICA Youth Committee launches Life Skills Series with special guest speaker Melanie Elturk

“To Post or Not to Post” UICA Youth Committee launches Life Skills Series with special guest speaker Melanie Elturk

This past Friday, December 16th, UICA’s Youth Committee launched its very first event for our Life Skills Series, “ To Post or Not to Post”: Navigating Social Media as a Muslim Teen. The event was designed to help the youth of our community learn how to navigate social media as a muslim teen. The committee has the amazing oppurtunity to have a guest speaker, Melanie Elturk.

Melanie Elturk is the CEO and co-founder of the largest US hijab brand, Haute Hijab. She is also a highly successful woman who holds a JD in Law from Wayne State University Law School and has worked as an civil rights attorney and legal counsel in many spaces. Melanie uses her platform on Instagram to not only promote her hijabs and modest fashion, but also to share spiritual reflections on Islam, trusting and having faith in Allah, as well as using your faith for good.

The youth enjoyed lovely refreshments before the event to socialize and prayed maghrib together. After, Melanie was able to join us via zoom in the musala, and all the youth gathered to hear her speak. It was truly heartwarming to see the youth create friendships and bond with each other before the event but also learn and ask questions to the guest speaker during the event. I recall one of our youth asking:

“How do we not get attached to social media considering it is very popular?”

Melanie Elturk answered the question beautifully and ended the discussion by giving us her 10 rule guide to using social media. After the zoom call, Imam Didmar brought the discussion full circle by discussing some things we should keep in mind in relation to our deen when using social media. It was such a perfect way to end the event. Finally, many of the youth shared their opinion about the event and even expressed their excitement about upcoming events, while enjoying pizza together.

May Allah SWT continue to bless our masjid with such events and opportunities to connect. Look out for more exciting events like this one hosted by our Youth Committee, and more of the Life Skills Series! For updates, please join the WhatsApp Youth Parents chat and follow our Instagram (@uica_youth) and our Facebook (UICA Youth).

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