UICA’s Youth Committee put together the All-Nighter event

On April 23rd, 2022, United Islamic Center of Arizona’s Youth Committee put together the All-Nighter event, emphasizing the topic of “Reviving our Imaan.” According to myself and several other youth participants, we have truly benefited from this wonderful contribution as we were given the opportunity to increase our knowledge about our deen, make new friends, conduct fun activities, and so much more.

Furthermore, youth participators gained great knowledge from the provided lecture, as we learned that it is important to implement the Quran with the Dunya and Akhira, as well as target on how we can always rejuvenate our deen with special aspects explained in the Quran. To add, we were taught that this worldly life is valueless and that we should concentrate on what our position in the hereafter will turn out to be. Alhamdullilah, with foremost sincerity, we thank Shaikh Shahir Safi for his substantial education and teaching efforts.

During the event, we engaged in activities that created a comfortable environment and allowed us to interact with one another. We were able to reflect on certain topics from an Islamic perspective and really open up to form sympathy and supportiveness for one another. One of our youth, Haneen, had stated that she had no questions because of the excellent explanation and informed us that we can gain hasanat by listening to the lengthened lecture. With motivation and excitement, we ate yummy snacks and even made edible mosques! As we fell upon Qiyam prayer, afterwards, Rabia and our other wonderful youth committee leaders Simra, Tahera, and Hakeem, engaged us in many more interactive, constructive, and entertaining activities that we enjoyed like a scavenger hunt, that covered simple Ramadan facts.

As we happily ate suhoor together, which we would like to thank Hot Bagels & Deli for kindly donating to our event, we reflected and provided feedback about the event, in which were positive and heartwarming, as the group gathering was surely pleasing. I must say, it truly touches my heart to see the ummah strengthen our iman and deen together.

By: UICA Youth Member, Alma Tabaku

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