UICA conducts women’s educational programs

Written by Sadiya Warsi

UICA conducts women’s educational programs on Sunday’s. One of them is Mother’s of Believers series. For these events, special guest are invited.

This time it was Dr Nadia Katrangi founder of Good Tree institute.

She is a gem of a person. Usually speakers are introduced and after that they impart the knowledge about what they are supposed to and have discussions afterwards. And it’s always been beneficial. What was special about last week’s event with Dr Nadia Katrangi is that before starting the class she connected with each and every attendee and allowed everyone to speak about their aspirations, goals, duas and their main concerns for which they are searching solutions. And it’s the key to break the ice and let everyone feel comfortable and more interested in listening what she has to say.

Then while imparting knowledge about Umm Salamah’s life she made us pause and think how her characteristics helped her during difficulties in her life and how we can try to embrace those characteristics in our life and achieve what we want to.

I loved the saying of Rumee she told :”what you seek is seeking you” so sometimes it’s just that we want something but we are not truly committed to achieving that.

Having focus, courage, commitment and priorities straightened are important factors combined by patience, perseverance and then most important trust in Allah swt and praying for it even if it looks impossible for a situation to change and last but not the least be real to yourself and others especially your family, children. All attendees agreed unanimously that we wanted her to keep continuing talking to us.

Heartfelt thanks to UICA for arranging such beautiful events for the community and allowing us to meet these great personalities. I must tell UICA is doing an amazing job! May Allah preserve you all and accept and grant barakah and reward all its members s d volunteers in this life and hereafter! Aameen!

Next week another special guest is coming to UICA, Dr Muna Ali. Please save the date and don’t forget “tell a friend”and bring one.