January meeting with Imams Council of Arizona

On 1/3/2022, UICA hosted the January meeting with Imams Council of Arizona. The head of the council, Imam Didmar Faja started the meeting with supplication and mentioning the points of discussion for the meeting.

Later, the respected Imams of Arizona exchanged their views on significant community event where many members of the Muslim community at large in Arizona can gather in one Islamic center on an assigned day and benefit from multiple lectures about preparations for the upcoming Ramadan.

During this gathering, community members can benefit from our local imams through Q&A sessions as well. Imams also agreed on standardizing the prayer calculation time, including when Ramadan begins and the Eid days.

The council will soon issue an official statement in regards to such matters. In the agenda, there were also discussions and decisions in restarting the Arizona state Quran competition. Among other issues, there was also a discussion in organizing a professional development retreat for the Imams.

The meeting ended with a supplication from Imam Watheq Alobaidi.

Lunch was served after the Dhuhr Prayer.