Date: 03/12/2020


Assalaamu Alaykum,

I pray this message reaches you and your families in good health, integrity and food faith.

In accordance to the safety concerns regarding COVID-19 -Corona Virus, the United Islamic Center of Arizona’s leadership and administration in consultation with medical professionals and scholars have determined that tomorrow, the Friday prayer will be shortened to 10 mins i.e. starting at 1pm to 1:15pm inclusively.

With the growing pandemic throughout the world  and in our own country, as well as the disease’s symptoms not surfacing for up to five days or more, we have no taken this decision lightly Medical reports are being updated daily about COVTD-19.

Hence, please note the following:

– The Friday prayer will be suspended next Friday, 03/20/2020 until further notice.

– The five daily congregational prayers/salahs will be suspended starting Friday, 5/13/2020.

– All programs and classes at UICA will be cancelled until further notice starting 3/13/2020.

Sincere advices:

Please be vigilant in protecting yourselves, your family, the elderly, and society by taking necessary precaution to mitigate the spread of this disease. Please practice social distancing as much as possible as a precaution.

1) Pray two rak’at sunnah for the Prayer of Need (Salat al-Hajah).

2) Increase in supplication (du’a) and seeking repentance (istighfar).

3) Increase in giving Sadaqah.

May Allah bless you and your families, may He facilitate ease and may He bring about healing.

Note: These announcements are in a general agreement with most of the Islamic centers in Arizona.

From Mufti Didmar Faja and the Board of Directors of UICA

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