New program: PRINCIPLES OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES, an Usūl ad-Dīn program

Dear community members, as part of our educational growth project, UICA in partnership with Greenway Academy hereby presents our new program titled: PRINCIPLES OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES, an Usūl ad-Dīn program.

The Usūl ad-Dīn program is one of the few programs that is currently ongoing in the United States. By the Grace of Allah, we have the pleasure to put it into action at UICA for the educational growth of our brothers and sisters.

This 2 years part-time program is an excellent option for those brothers and sisters who have the zeal to seek Islamic Knowledge but might not have enough time and space in their busy schedule. This program is only once a week and at a very affordable price.

Different Islamic Disciplines will be taught using classical texts but with a modern approach. At the end of the program, students will be rewarded with a certificate and also an Ijazah.

What is an ijazah?

An Ijazah is the traditional Islamic awarding system. It is the Arabic for ‘Authorization or license to teach’. It is usually granted by an authorized Shaykh to those students who completed a certain book or specialization and having been successfully tested. It consists of a chain of transmission from the holder all the way to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or to the author of the book. It represents nowadays university degrees and licenses.

Language medium: English (mainly) and Arabic

Teaching method: In-class (online not available)

Venue: Greenway Academy

Address: 19250 N 35th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308

Starting Date: Sunday November 3rd 2019