Youngsters from UICA spent 6th night of Ramadan together learning…

Close to thirty youngsters from UICA spent their 6th night of Ramadan together learning from their mentors and enjoining different activities organized for them by members of UICA board and Greenway Academy.

The night started with “scavenger hunt” a mastery game headed by Sister Parker Cheryl where the youth were divided in groups and they had to find different clues around the center. Scavenger hunt game was followed by an educational talk, video presentation and discussion on 1001 inventions of Muslims throughout the history.

This sessions was lead by Brother Faseeh ‘Sohaib’ Biabani. Later, Imam Didmar Faja talked to them about the unique facts of Ramadan and fasting. The program was concluded by a video of Muslim stand-up comedians. By the time the program was over it was already the time for Suhur.

Parents and other community members were invited to join the youngsters and their mentors for Suhur. UICA is proud to serve and organize these ongoing activities not only with adults but the youngsters who are our hope for a brighter future.

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