“Working together to overcome the challenges”

During the days we are living, religions often get misrepresented by misinformed individuals or by those who don’t wish good for the prosperity of peace and harmony among mankind. Many religions; in particularly Islam, are being victimized and the followers are subjected to hate, oppression and bigotry. There is a saying: “Do not judge the religion based on the followers; rather, judge the followers and their actions based on religion”. Therefore, the best is to learn religion from the balanced, qualified and well trained religious individuals in order to avoid suspicion, incertitude and confusion, so that there can be peace and understanding among the different religious communities in our society.

On April 20th 2018, after the Friday Prayer, Imam Didmar Faja hosted with great pleasure Rabbi Jeremy and Pastor Josh for a quick discussion in regards to their travels and work, together in the past year. They used the opportunity to discuss about building strong relationships among the communities of the world’s three leading religious communities: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. UICA community members greatly appreciated and benefited from hearing about the power of diversity, inspiring experiences and the commitments of the three respected religious leaders.

The topic was focused on working together to overcome the challenges that we all face, regardless of our theological differences. Speakers presented arguments and solutions for major contemporary challenges our communities are facing. They also offered effective answers to the many questions asked by our community members.

-Hafiz Fawaaz Hossen

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