Washington Declaration 2018 from 400 religious leaders

About 400 religious leaders from Jewish, Christian and Islamic faith were present in Washington DC to network with one another, attend multi-faith panel discussions and sign the historical Washington declaration on the rights of the minorities from the different religious communities, honoring human rights, loving our neighbors and strangers, recognizing that the shared values that the three heavenly faiths are more more important than our differences.
Among the attendees and the signees of the declaration was Imam Didmar Faja from UICA together with Shaykh Watheq Alobaidi from Tucson, AZ. Meetings took place between February 5-7, 2018 at Marriott Marques Hotel in downtown Washington DC. Among the elite speakers was Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah who is the president of Forum for Peace in Muslim Societies, together with state and religious officials from from the US and around the world.
The highlight of the meetings was the Washington declaration and the creation of the Alliance of Virtue for the Common Good, created to implement the call to action mentioned in the declaration. For further details of the Washington declaration, please see the files attached to this article.