The UICA Executive Board hosted it’s First Annual General Assembly

On January 27th, the UICA Executive Board hosted it’s First Annual General Assembly. For those not able to attend, we looked back at the many beautiful and enriching events that this community hosted in 2017. It was hard to imagine that all of these took place in one year, but as a whole, we have been very active and growing.

We also took a peak at 2018 and the many events that are scheduled, inshallah. Every month of the year has something planned that is intended to bless you as an individual and bring the members together as a community. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort and love to see this community active and always striving to move forward.

During this event we also took time to share the financial status of this community, again reflecting back upon the times that we all needed to step up as a whole, succeeding far beyond what we imagined possible. We announced to you the expansion of the building, laying out the blueprints as you all are a part of this goal and make this possible.

We presented our newest membership perk, the UICA Membership Benefits Card which is a card that can be used at many Muslim owned businesses to receive at least a 10% discount. Finally, we opened up the floor to questions and comments.

The UICA Board is passionate about serving the community for the sake of Allah (swt). We are excited to stand together with you, working and growing for the sake of Allah (swt). We are a community that is not content with existing, but is striving to excel, not for our own glory, but for that of our Glorious God.

From everyone on the UICA Board, we thank you for all you do!

Hamza Boise,
UICA secretary

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