My Neighbor’s Keeper: a multi-faith gathering in Phoenix

On Tuesday, November 21st, several of us were able to attend a multi-faith workshop.  We were joined by Rabbi’s and Pastors from throughout the Valley.

In this workshop, we focused on working together for the sake of the community at large.  We understood that working together means that we do not have to change our beliefs nor focus on the differences we might have, but instead concentrate on what we have in common.  Instead of trying to convert one to the others faith, we convey a message of peace, amongst the Abrahamic religions, something that is truly needed in this world.

From the grass roots we are trying to change the focus being on discord and mistrust to one of unity, commonality and respect.  Instead of reinforcing old walls of separation and seclusion, we are tearing down those misconceptions so that we can better understand and help others.

We share this information with you as part of our ongoing effort to keep the UICA involved and up to date of the progress we are making in many areas, for the sake of Allah (swt).  As always, we welcome your feedback and ask for your duas.

Hamza Boisse
UICA Secretary

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