UICA Ashura Community Event








On Septemeber 30th, the UICA celebrated the day of Ashura as a community.  It was a beautiful event enjoyed by approximately 60 people.  Families came together and shared food as a potluck Iftar.  All of the food was delicious and we are thankful to each person and family that shared from their own.

We were then blessed by Quran recitation by Sheik Fawaaz and Faseeh Biabani brought us beautiful nashids.  We are thankful for Imam Didmar who delivered a short lecture on the virtues of this beautiful day of Ashura.  To end our community celebration we prayed Isha prayer together.

Truly this was an evening enjoyed by all with both spiritual and physical food as well as the blessings of coming together to share our common fellowship.

Thank you to all that were able to attend and to those that were not able to make it, we’re hopeful you will join us for the next event.

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