Earning God’s pleasure

Dear sister, dear brother! Indeed sending Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), the seal of the prophets, is the greatest good that God (SWT) has bestowed this world.

Love of every Muslim to Muhammad (pbuh), it is obligatory (fard). Not wanting him sir, no heaven, no love him no mercy and success. This is one of the basic thmelet of Islam, which must be cultivated in wet age.

Love for the Prophet (pbuh), learning to win. You can not love Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), without knowing his personality and life, and this recognition is achieved through several methods, which among other things is reading history books that include (sīreh) and also from his lectures, which he dedicated his life to bless . One of the pearls is special and book Shemail Muḥammediyyeh, by Ibn cĪsāel ammed muh-Tirmidhij. This is one of the most beautiful books, describing the physical aspect and noble character of the Prophet (pbuh). In this book the descriptions of people who have stayed with are numerous.

Regarding love the believer should have to Muhammad (pbuh), I see enough of a hadith found in Bukhari Imam broadcasts, where indicated by Hisham ibn cAbdullāh: “We were with the Prophet (pbuh) and he took the hand of Ibn cUmer Al-Khat AB. cUmeri told the Prophet (pbuh): ‘O Messenger of Allah! You are more expensive to me than anything else, but myself. ‘Prophet (pbuh) told him: “No, by Him in whose hand my soul shall have full confidence until I am dearer to you than yourself. “cUmeri (ra) said: Now, for the Lord you are more beloved than myself. The Prophet (pbuh) said: Now is cUmer. “26 This shows that not only the prince of believers cUmeri, but every Muslim cannot reach the level of full obedience to Islam, while the love Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), more than any other person, including himself.

Companions of the Prophet saw him not only with physical eyes, but with the spiritual and hear how it’s described. In the aforementioned book, Shemail al-Tirmidhi, Ali (ra), shows that in addition to the specific qualities and attributes that are donated Resulullahit (as), and it was merit: Anyone who stood beside him and knew his character, miss the love of his qualities. Anyone who describes his noble features, says: “I have not seen any like it, or before him or after him.” 27

Jabir (ra), when told of the Prophet, said: “I saw the Prophet (pbuh), a night when the moon was full that night and was wearing red clothes. Time watching the full moon and times of the Prophet. In the end, I was convinced that the Messenger of Allah was more charming, more beautiful and more radiant than the full moon. “28 When it comes to the full moon, of course that is a clear miracle of Allah (xh.sh .) and special, especially in the desert.

The beloved Prophet (A.Ş.)! This lecture will lock the answer to the question. Do you want to win the love of the Creator? The Great God (SWT), the Holy Qur’an says: Say: “If you love Allah, then follow me”

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Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, for Allah is Forgiving, Merciful

O Lord, enable us to love Thee, and love of him who loves you and love every work that draws us with Thy love and Thy love for the noble Messenger, Hz. Muhammad (A.Ş.). Amin!

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(Lecture Friday – Held on August 1, 2010 at Greenway Masjid)

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